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Halloween Games - Build A MonsterObject of the Game
There are no winners or losers in this game, you are building a Frankenstein type monster. Kids and adults will have fun with the outcome.

What You Do
Find or draw a picture of a Frankenstein type monsters body. Cut the body into pieces and lay out. What you want to do is blindfold each player, spin them around three times (like Pin The Nose on the Pumpkin) and have them pin a body part to your monster.

What will happen is they will build a very funny looking monster. Make enough body parts so each child has one to put up. When they are all done, take a look at your creation! It will probably look very funny and everyone will have a good laugh!

What You Need
A blown up clip art picture or a large picture of a funny monster. cut into pieces. A place to put them all up. Push pins or tape. Blindfold.


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